NuTool-LCDView: The Simulation Engine for TN-LCD Development

  • Flexible Development and Testing: NuTool-LCDView allows for agile development and testing by enabling the design of graphics and the generation of real-time code without the need for a physical LCD screen.
  • Embedded IDE Integration: Seamlessly integrated into IDE, NuTool-LCDView enables developers to efficiently conduct real-time code debugging, simulate operations, and make quick modifications.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The NuTool-LCDView offers Drag and Drop functionality, simplifying complex processes through interactive visual effects.
  • Multi-Microcontroller Support: As a user-friendly development platform, NuTool-LCDView provides development support for COM/SEG LCD series microcontrollers, including NuMicro® 1T 8051 and NuMicro® M254/M256/M258/M2354 series, equipped with Arm® Cortex®-M23 core to meet diverse microcontroller architecture requirements.
Nuvoton-NuTool-LCDView Nuvoton-NuTool-LCDView

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