Application Specific

With the rise of IoT and industry 4.0, Nuvoton committed to roll out the IoT development platform and total solution based on the Arm Cortex-M core micro-controller to meet the different needs of developers. IoT development platform includes gateways, routers and sensors. Most importantly, it is convenient for developers to quickly create and deploy IoT solutions with flexible kit combination or used independently. In terms of application, in addition to meet the requirements of low power consumption, small size, and low cost, it also improves computing capability and security. 

In the wake of strong  growth of market demand, Nuvoton palys an important role to roll out a development platform for embedded GUI software applied to the Arm Cortex-M core MCUs and MPUs. This platform resource includes emWin graphics licensed from SEGGER, which enables product developers to quickly and efficiently develop smooth and textured human-machine display interfaces (HMIs) to increase product added value. It is suitable for industrial, smart home appliances, medical equipment, electric locomotives. Plus, it can meet the LCD Human Machine Interface(HMI) needs of various production occasions and end products.

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