Smart Home Audio(325)




I1932SYI01 is part of MLS ChipCorder® family that provides multiple-message record/playback with dual operating modes (address trigger and direct trigger) and wider operating voltage ranging from 2.4V to 5.5V. The sampling frequency can be selected from 4 to 12 kHz via an external resistor. The device is designed for standalone application, as well as controlled by microcontroller.

The analog input of I1932SYI01 can be selected as differential microphone input with AGC feature or single-ended analog input under feed-through mode.

The audio output can be selected as the differential Class-D PWM direct-drive or a single-ended voltage output (AUX out), depending on design needs.

Target Applications:

Home Appliance - Audio Feedback
Automotive - HMI
Security Alarm System - Fire, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide detectors 
Medical Monitor - Audio Feedback, Voice Prompt
Gaming Console - Audio Prompt

Key Features:

  - 32s with 8KHz selected by Rosc@80Kohm
  - 21.3s with 12KHz selected by Rosc@53.3Kohm
Audio Input
  - Differential microphone input with AGC
  - Single-end input with 1Vpp and feed-through to speaker outputs
Audio Output
  - Class-D PWM Differential Speaker Drive, 670mW@ Vdd=5.5V
  - Single-ended voltage output
Control Interfaces
  - Address Mode
  - Direct Mode
Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range: 2.4V ~ 5.5V
  - Temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
  - SOIC-28


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