Smart Home Audio(325)




I2130SYI is a digital ChipCorder® providing single-chip storage and playback of high quality audio. The device features digital de-compression, comprehensive memory management, flash storage, and integrated audio signal path and Class D speaker driver capable of delivering power of 400mW.

I2130SYI utilizes flash memory to provide nonvolatile audio playback with duration up to 30 seconds (based on 8kHz/4bit ADPCM compression) for a single-chip audio playback solution.

Target Applications:

Home Appliance - Audio Feedback
Automotive - HMI
Security Alarm System - Fire, Smoke, Carbon Monoxide detectors
Medical Monitor - Audio Feedback, Voice Prompt
Gaming Console - Audio Prompt

Key Features:

Duration / Flash Storage
  - 30s with 8kHz/4bit ADPCM in 1Mbit Flash
Audio Management
  - Voice Prompts - Store pre-recorded audio
  - Voice Macros - Execute pre-programmed macro scripts
Sample Rate
  - 7 sampling frequencies 4 / 5.3 / 6.4 / 8 / 12.8 / 16 / 32 KHz
Audio Output
  - PWM: Class D speaker driver to direct drive an 8Ω speaker or buzzer.
  - 400mW@3V
I/O interfaces
  - 1 set of SPI interface
  - 6 x GPIO multiplexed with SPI interface
Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range: 2.7V ~ 5.5V
  - Temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
  - SOP-14 (8.75x4mm)


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