Smart Home Audio(325)


The N535FS0240 is a driver IC which is designed for FS-LCD panel use. It contains 120 segment and 2 common driver circuits and provide 8 colors of display qualities.  It can be interfaced with the MPU via serial interface.  Moreover, the resolution of LCD display can be extended by switching the master/slave mode between chips.

The N535FS0240 can minimize power consumption since there is no external operating clock needed for the RAM read/write operation.  Furthermore, each chip builds-in with low power LCD driver power supply, LED driver circuit, voltage booster for LED , oscillator circuit and display RAM that greatly reduce the usage of external components in the display system and the whole system consumes the lowest power ever.  Therefore, the N535FS0240 is the best solution for the devices that require both low BOM cost and color display feature.

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