Smart Home Audio(325)


The W588DF060 is a 65C02-based PowerSpeech series production chip. It consists of 8-bit uC, a 256-byte RAM, and 2Mbit Embedded Flash.This chip can fit in using in small amount production products for try-run, saving the masking charge, and also reducing the lead time.

Multi-tasking processing of program, voice synthesis and melody generation are achieved by the supported peripherals and the F/W programming. One DAC or one PWM audio output provided by W588DF060; furthermore, this chip can has 3-track of synthesized speech, 2-track of Tone melody, or 3-track of wavetable that for different kind of sound effects.

The W588DF060 provides 16 bi-directional I/Os, IR carrier, Serial Interface Management, and 32KHz-Divider for more and more sophisticated applications, such as interactive toys, cartridge toys and final count down function. 3 LED output pins with 256-level control means that numerous combination of RGB colors may result in a versatility of colorful effects. W588DF060 has two kinds of power saving mode: one is Slow mode and the other is STOP mode. In addition, W588DF060 also provides PWM mode output pins to save power during playback and Watch Dog Timer to prevent latch-up situation occurring.

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