Smart Home Audio(325)


The W588C051 is a powerful embedded 8-bit microprocessor (uP) dedicated to speech and melody synthesis applications. With flexible firmware synthesis and new technology in PWM and DAC, W588C051 performs two channels of speech with high sound quality.  Also, a user-friendly tool is provided for W588C051 to define output patterns easily for multi-tasking applications. W588C051 can synthesize two-channel speech in different formats, for example ADPCM and MDPCM. Regarding synthesized melody, W588C051 can provide 2-tracks of Tone melody (T-melody) , or 1-track of High-Quality melody (HQ-melody) that can emulate the characteristics of musical instruments. In general, the W588C051 series can accomplish multi-tasking requirements easily and make toys more complicated than traditional PowerSpeech.

W588C051 provides at most 16 bi-directional I/Os, an IR carrier, and 3 output pins with 256-level control, an 8-bit timer and up to128 bytes RAM. W588C051 also provides Low Voltage Reset and a Watch Dog Timer to prevent a hang-up situation from occurring.

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