Smart Home Audio(325)


MFIDWB (Magnetic Field Identification) is used in all areas of automatic data capture allowing contactless identification of objects using magnetic field. From ticketing to industrial automation and access control, the applications of MFID are burgeoning. In recent years automatic identification procedures have become very popular in many service industries, purchasing and distribution logistics, industry, manufacturing companies and material flow systems.

W55MID15 is one of Nuvoton MFIDWB (Magnetic Field Identification) series in WinRFWB family that focus on toy and consumer related applications meanwhile W55MID15 provides manufacture bonding-ID transponder. Regarding the MFIDWB Reader series, the W55MID50 supports multi-functional MFIDWB Reader solution. Besides the single transponder application, W55MID35 offers multi-transponder recognition function for intelligent and smart toy applications.

W55MID15 provides total 243 different bonding-IDs in manufacture and 10bit ID length in each ID. That can extremely save customer's design investment in consumer MFID related products.


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