Smart Home Audio(325)


The N572F072 is the enhanced NuVoice series from N572F065. It runs up to 48 MHz and equips with 72 KB flash and 8 KB SRAM for high performance process of audio and voice algorithms. Integrating rich analog peripherals, like pre-amplifier, ADC ,DAC, hardware mixer, and PA, this chip saves a lot of system design effort and cost.

To unfold the high performance M0 and high density of SRAM , advanced algorithms are designed, optimized, and tested with N572 chips. These algorithms include voice changer, low-bit rate compression – NuOne; NuSound; NuLite; NuVox, beat detection, pitch in and pitch out, talk2sing, and more in developing. In additional to algorithms developed by Nuvoton, we also seek third parties for more interesting features/software to enrich the applications on N572.

With the NVIC in M0, the latency of interrupt and response time to external events is very short and efficient. Multiple algorithms can be run together smoothly and naturally.

The development tools are based on Keil™ MDK using C/C++ programming language. This is a robust and easy to use environment for software development and debug. Features in Keil™ MDK are compiler, debugger, and profiler. With the Nu-Link™ and evaluation board, the overall system, including HW and SW, can work seamlessly in your system testing and verification. In this full-features development environment and tools, you can design and build application software in an efficient way and get optimized code that can best realize your idea on N572.

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