Smart Home Audio(325)


N571P032 is a basic version of NuVoice, makes a cost-effective member of N572F065, N572F072/P072 series. CPU is Cortex™-M0, the same core as that of the whole series, but running in a lower frequency at 23MHz. The system resource is 32KB OTP and 4KB SRAM. Integrating analog peripherals, like pre-amplifier, ADC,DAC, hardware mixer, and PA, this chip saves a lot of system design effort and cost.

For N571, the major application is recording and long duration in this version. Regarding voice change or other algorithms running in N572, N571 could run the algorithms of simplified and single features by modification based on requirements of MIPS and SRAM. The solution of HW and SW will be released in SDS.


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