Smart Home Audio(325)


The N567H240 is a powerful microcontroller (μC) dedicated to speech and melody synthesis applications.  With the help of the embedded 8-bit microprocessor & dedicated H/W, the N567H240 can synthesize 8-channel speech+melody simultaneously.

The two channels of synthesized speech can be in different kinds of format, for example ADPCM and MDPCM. The N567H240 can provide 8-channel high-quality wavetable melody, which can emulate the characteristics of musical instruments, such as piano and violin.  More colorful melody effects are implemented in N567H240, such as modulation, vibrato, and pitch-bending etc.  The output of speech/melody channels are mixed together through the on-chip digital mixer to produce colorful effects.  With these hardware resources, the N567H240 is very suitable for high-quality and sophisticated scenario applications.

The N567H240 provides at most 8 input pins and 24 I/O pins, 384 bytes RAM , IR carrier, Serial Interface Management (SIM) , and more sophisticated applications, such as interactive toys, cartridge toys and final count down function.  6 LED output pins with 64-level control means that numerous combination of RGB colors may result in a versatility of colorful effects. In addition, N567H240 also provides PWM mode audio output to save power during playback and Watch Dog Timer to prevent latch-up situation occurring.




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