Smart Home Audio(325)

BandDirector Series

Nuvoton’s BandDirectorSeries is a multi-channel Speech/MIDI product line with advanced Wavetable Melody synthesis technology to implement up to 16-ch Voice/Melody synthesizer.  With the help of high performance 8-bit uC core and advanced algorithms, this series performs high quality melody and sound effects.  Except basic features such as SIM interface, H/W PWM I/O, high sink I/O ports, IR carrier, LVR, WDT for infant toys or ELA applications, it also provides various timbre libraries and MIDI effects that suitable for instrument toys and organ applications.

Nuvoton’s BandDirector Series contains sub-product families with different channel numbers.  Nuvoton’s BandDirector Series : N567G, N567K, N567H, N567L, W567C.




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