Smart Home Audio(325)




I91230BRI is Nuvoton’s Audio SoC based on ARM Cortex-M0 core running up to 49MHz with 64 KB of flash memory and 12 KB of SRAM.

I91230BRI is equipped with a variety of peripheral devices and serial interfaces such as Timers, Watchdog Timer (WDT), Real-time Clock (RTC), Peripheral Direct Memory Access (PDMA), full range of serial interfaces (UART, SPI/SSP, I2C), PWM, GPIO, 12-bit SAR ADC Converter, LDO, Low Voltage Detector and Brown-out detector.

The core features for I91230BRI Audio SoC includes audio I/O interfaces such as I2S, DMIC input and Differential Audio PWM output.

Specifically, I91230BRI provides 21-bit precision Bridge Sense ADC.

Bridge Sense ADC: 

On Chip Calibration
8 steps Programmable Gain Amplifier (BSPGA)
Programmable data output rate
21 bit precision @ moving average 6.4 SPS

Target Applications:

Customer Medical Detection Device - Smart Scale, Smart thermometer
Voice input product with Sensor Feedback - Smart Home Appliance
Industrial IoT Sensor Bridge with Voice Feedback

Key Features:

  - Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor running up to 49MHz
  - 64KB Flash
  - 12KB embedded SRAM
  - 4 KB Flash for user program loader ( LDROM )
  - ISP / ICP / IAP programming
  - Built-in trimmable oscillator with range of 16-49MHz
  - External 32kHz crystal input for RTC function and low power system operation
  - External 12MHz crystal input for precise timing operation
  - 2 channels 32-bit timer
  - 2 channels 16-bit timer
  - 4 channels 16-bit PWM or 2 sets of complementary paired PWM
Communication Interfaces
  - 2-set of UART interface
  - 2-set of SPI interface
  - 1-set of I²C interface
Audio Interfaces
  - Differential Audio PWM Output (DPWM), Supports Sample Rate from 8~48KHz, 0.5W drive@8ohm
  - Digital MIC Input
  - 1-set of I²S interface
  - Four I/O modes: Quasi bi-direction / Push-Pull output / Open-Drain output / Input with high impedance
  - Maximal 32 GPIOs
  - Multi-Function Timers, WDT, RTC
  - PDMA
  - Built-in Low Dropout Regulator(LDO)
  - Over Temperature Alarm
  - 12-bit SAR ADC with 700K SPS
Operating Characteristics
  - Wide voltage range: 1.8V ~ 5.5V
  - Temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
  - LQFP-64 (7x7mm)


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