Smart Home Audio(325)



The Nuvoton NPCA110PA0YX device is a member of Nuvoton’s Audio Enhancement - MaxxAudio product series incorporates Maxx®Audio Sound Enhancement Algorithm Set from Waves®.

Maxx®Audio Algorithm set, includes proprietary speaker correction algorithm, psycho-acoustic algorithm, and powerful amplifier and much more parameters for further tuning that targets to enrich re-production and remastering enhancement.

Nuvoton Audio Enhancement solution is the perfect marriage of the advance algorithm set and Audio SoC that provides market differentiation and consumer satisfaction by overcoming the physical limitation of speakers in consumer electronics product segment.

Target Applications:

Mobile/Portable audio device docking station
Multi-Media speakers
TV sound bar

 Key Features:

Improves audio quality for low-performance speakers
System-level BOM Savings
Stereo Operation
I2C Controlled
24-bit Accuracy
Audio Algorithms
  - MaxxBass
  - Maxx3D
  - MaxxTreble
  - MaxxEQ
  - MaxxVolume
  - MaxxLeveler
  - MaxxDialog
Audio Input
  - 3 x I2S or Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) inputs
  3 x stereo analog inputs: typical SNR @ 90 dB; typical THD @ -75 dB
Audio Output
  - Optional generation of bass channel for sub-woofer
  - 3 x I2S or SSI outputs
  - 4 x analog outputs: typical SNR @ 96 dB; typical THD @ -86 dB
  - Several General-Purpose digital signals available to the application (GPIOs)
Operating Characteristics
  - Typical operational power target < 0.2W
  - Power-down target < 1 mW
  3V operation
  - QFN-40 (6x6mm)
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