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Audio Enhancement

Audio Enhancement Product Family introduces two series of powerful, technology leaping Audio DSP products. The product aims to provide enriched sound reproduction, and re-mastering enhancement.  

Our team work closely with industry leaders in audio processing algorithm. Audio Enhancement Product solutions utilize these advance algorithms to overcome audio hardware limitations in conventional consumer electronics devices & speakers.The result of the perfect fusion can be heard by the rich audio content, with wide dynamic range, and full frequency response on a limited audio system.

With different audio performance focus, Nuvoton provides to major product series, that can be designed and fine-tuned with customer target Audio System. Our solutions are adapted by leading brand worldwide.

Target application ranges from any application segment with speaker, that target to provide added value in sound. Specifically, in the area of Smart TV, AIO, Gaming Monitor, Projector, Smart Speaker, BT/Wireless Speaker, Gaming Headsets.

Audio Enhancement Product Family includes

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