Smart Home Audio(325)




ISD8104SYI are a general purpose analog audio amplifier, capable of driving a 4Ω load with up to 2Wrms output power. This device includes output current limiting, chip enable, low standby current and excellent pop-and-click suppression.

Internal resistors set the device to have default 20dB gain, and with external resistors any gain less than this can be achieved.  The device is unity gain stable, including use with external feedback resistors and external capacitors as may be optionally used for implementing simple filtering functions.

ISD8104SYI has differential inputs and can be configured to accept either single ended or differential signals.

Target Applications:

Portable Audio Device/ Speaker
Greeting Cards
Home Appliance

Key Features:

Audio Input
  - Differential input
  - Single-end input
Audio Output
  - Capless BTL output configuration
  - Up to 2W output, 4ohm@Vdc=6.8V, <10% distortion    
  - <0.1% distortion at 600mW output, 8ohm@Vdc=5V 
Control / Protection Feature
  - Chip Enable: Very fast start-up time <1ms, <1uA standby current
  - Excellent pop-and-click performance using Chip Enable
  - Current limiting for over-current conditions
Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range: 2.0 V ~ 6.8 V
  - Temperature range: -40°C ~ 85°C
  - SOP-8
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