Smart Home Audio(325)


The NCT3527U/NCT3527U-A is a 70mΩ high-side adjustable current-limited power distribution switch. The device input voltage range is 3.0V~5.5V and provides up to 2.5A load current. The current limit trip threshold can be adjustable by external resistor. If the load current is greater than the current limit, the NCT3527U enters a latch-off state and the NCT3527U-A enters an auto-retry state. In latch-off state, the switch is turned off and FLAG# is issued to the host. The switch can be turned on again by cycling the power. In auto-retry state, the switch would be turned off for 24mS then turn-on again. The NCT3527U/ NCT3527U-A has thermal shutdown protection to prevent catastrophic switch failure caused by increasing power dissipation when continuous heavy load or short circuit occurs.

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