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Motor Microcontroller - NuMotor series

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In order to fulfill its corporate responsibility and do its best to save energy, Nuvoton Technology has launched a series of NuMotor motor-specific microcontrollers that support brushless DC motors and improve motor efficiency, hardware peripherals, reducing energy consumption and customer development and manufacturing costs. Product lines are divided into:

1.NuMotor Microcontroller Series :

 A.High-performance NM1500 series with built-in CAN 2.0B and FOC hardware;

 B.NM1234 series with embedded 4 sets of amplifier and support quadrature encoder interface;

 C.NM1244 series with built-in DMA and DAC, and standby power consumption is less than 1uA;

 D.NM1120 suitable for fan application;

 E.Multi-purpose NM1200 series and the low pin count NM1100 series;

2.NuMotor Multi-chip package Microcontroller Series (MCU + Gate Driver) :

Based on Nuvoton microcontroller and packed with gate drive circuits in different voltages, it can be used in up to 220VAC system. The highly integrated design helps simplify the circuit design of the end product.

NuMotor are now under mass production and are ideal for electric vehicles, industrial control, fan drives, power tools, industrial automation, ESC, power, and motor control applications.

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