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Design Resource

Welcome to the Nuvoton MPU MA35D1 design resource page, where we have outlined three essential steps to facilitate your development process efficiently. Following these simple steps to get started with the NuMicro® MPU Platform. 

Get Started with the NuMicro® MPU Platform
MA35 Design Resource

Nuvoton MPU series provides a rich and easy-to-use development ecological chain, improving development efficiency based on customers.
The resources and links required for each evaluation, development, and mass production stage are compiled below.

MA35D1 Ecosystem 

 Evaluation Boards

Operating System

Embedded System Tool


Quick Start

Software & Debugging Tools

Software Tool

  • Programming Tools
    • NuWriterIt’s a programming tool for the MA35D1 series microprocessor
    • SwriterThis programming tool enables the programming of different Flash memory devices directly from an SD card
  • Assistant Tools
  • IDE & Debugging Tools

Hardware Reference


Repository / Sample Code

GitHub_Sample Code

Technical Documents 




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