Smart Home Audio(325)



The NUC505DLA 32-bit microcontroller is embedded with the ARM® Cortex®-M4F core running up to 100 MHz , supports DSP FPU function, and provides 512 Kbytes embedded SPI Flash memory, and 128 Kbytes embedded SRAM . The NUC505DLA is also equipped with plenty of peripheral devices, such as USB Host/Device, Timers, Watchdog Timers, UART , SPI , I²S, I²C, GPIO, 12-bit ADC , 24-bit Audio CODEC, Low Voltage Reset and Low Voltage Detector.

Target Application:

Thermal Printer, GPS Tracker, 2.4G Wireless Audio, Audio-related Applications, etc.

Key Features:

  - ARM® Cortex®-M4F with DSP and FPU
  - Max frequency of 100 MHz
  - 128 KB of embedded SRAM
  - 512 KB of SPI Flash
  - USB 2.0 HS Device
  - USB 2.0 FS Host
  - Up to two UART s
  - Up to one SPI
  - Up to two I²C s ( Up to 1 MHz )
Security for code protect
  - 128-bit key for code protection against illegal pirating
  - Supports multi-entry for 15 times
  - Supports Master or Slave mode operation
  - Internal PLL for frequency adjustment
  - Supports PCM mode A, PCM mode B, I2S and MSB justified data format
  - Supports DMA mode
12-bit ADC
  - Up to five channels
  - Up to 1MSPS conversion with ADC _CH1, and up to 200 kSPS with others ( except ADC _CH0 ) .
  - Embedded Stereo 24-bit Sigma-Delta CODEC output
  - ADC -THDN: -80 dB, Dynamic Range SNR: 90 dB ( A-Weighted )
  - Headphone Output-THDN:-60dB, Dynamic Range SNR: 93 dB ( A-Weighted )
  - Sample Rate: 8 kHz to 96 kHz
  - LQFP48
Temperature range: - 40 ℃ -+85 ℃
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