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M032 Series

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Nuvoton NuMicro® M032 series is 32-bit microcontrollers based on Arm® Cortex®-M0 CPU with 32-bit hardware multiplier/divider. It features 1.8V ~ 3.6V operating voltage, 5V I/O tolerant, running up to 48/72 MHz within - 40~105 ℃ .

M032 series provides a comprehensive solution for the Crystal-less USB applications that need 1.8V low-voltage interface connection with enhanced fast 2 MSPS conversion rate 12-bit ADC , comparators and up-to 24-ch 96/144 MHz PWM control, providing a fast and precise data conversion for the voltage, current, and sensor data, then fast response control to the external device. Additionally, M032 series also provides plenty of peripherals included Universal Serial Control Interface ( USCI ) can be set as UART / SPI / I²C flexibly, up to 10 sets of UART , 4 sets of SPI , 4 set I²C , 1-wire UART interface for data communication between master and slave devices.

M032 series provides Flash size from 32 KB to 512 KB , SRAM size from 4 KB to 96 KB . Supported packages from small form factor TSSOP20, TSSOP28, QFN33, LQFP48 to LQFP 64 and LQFP128 with pin-compatible for different part number makes the system design and change parts easily.

Part Numbers with M032 series are enhanced with crystal-less USB 2.0 full-speed device feature for USB related application.

For the development, Nuvoton provides the NuMaker evaluation boards and Nuvoton Nu-Link debugger. 3rd Party IDE is supported such as Keil MDK, IAR EWARM, Eclippse IDE with GNU GCC compilers etc. 

Target Application:

  • Mobile LCD Panel Controller ( HMI )
  • IoT Sensing Device
  • Micro Printer
  • Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
  • TWS Charger 

Key Features:

Operating Characteristics
  - Voltage range:  1.8V to 3.6V
  - Temperature range: - 40 ℃ ~ +105 ℃
  - EFT 4.4 kV
  - ESD HBM 6 kV
  - Arm® Cortex®-M0 running up to 48/72 MHz
  - 32-bit H/W multiplier/divider
  - Up to 512 KB Flash 
  - Up to 96 KB SRAM
  Up to 8 KB Flash for user program loader  ( LDROM )
  ISP / ICP / IAP programming
  - 512 bytes/2 KB SPROM ( Security Protection ROM )
  - Dual-Bank for Over-The-Air ( OTA ) upgrade 
    ( For M032xI Series )
  - 4 to 32 MHz HXT crystal oscillator or external input clock
  - 32.768 kHz LXT crystal oscillator or external input clock for low-power system operation
  - Internal 48 MHz HIRC oscillator with variation ± 2 % within all temperature range
  - Internal 38.4 kHz LIRC for Low-power operating mode
  - One PLL up to 96/144 MHz for high speed module operation
Power management
  - Integrated with Power-on Reset, Brown-out Detect and Low Voltage Reset
  - Normal run: 180 μA/ MHz
  - Power-down: 12 μA
  - Support wake up from power-down mode by: ACMP, GPIO, WDT, TIMER, UART , USCI, I²C, SPI , WWDT, ADC , PDMA, PWM , USBD
  - Support IEC60730 safety specifications
  - Up to four 32-bit timers
  - 96/144 MHz 16-bit PWM ( Up to 24 channels )
  - One 24-bit SysTick timer
  - One Independent watchdog
  - One window watchdog
  - RTC with Calendar and Alarm
  - Up to 9 channels
  - CRC-CCITT, CRC-8, CRC-16 and CRC-32 polynomials
  - Up to 16 channels 12-bit 2 MSPS ADC
  - Two rail-to-rail comparators ( ACMP )
Communication interfaces
  - Up to 4-set of 6 MHz UART interfaces
  - Up to 4-set of  UART for simple Tx/Rx operation
  - 2-set of 1 MHz I²C interfaces
  - 1-set of 24 MHz SPI /I²S interface
  - Up to 1-set of Quad SPI
  - Up to 2-set of USCI interfaces that support  UART , SPI and I²C mode
  - Up to 1-set External Bus Interface ( EBI ) supports 8-/16-bit data with maximum external address space of 1M Bytes
  - Up to 107 GPIO ( except analog pins, Support 5V tolerant I/O )
Advanced Communication Interface
  - USB 2.0 full speed device with on-chip PHY ( Support Crystal-less )
96-bit Unique ID ( UID )
128-bit Unique Customer ID ( UCID )
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