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NuMaker-RTU-NUC980, also known as Chili, is a Nuvoton’s development platform that uses NUC980DR microprocessor with a 64-pin package on a 50 mm x 50 mm dimension PCB. This Chili PCB has already embedded Linux operating system and does not have to prepare a cross complier environment. Users can begin develop software application and control a LED light within 5 minutes.

Chili Board embeds Linux v4.4, NFS(Network File System) and webserver functions. To accelerate development, Nuvoton provides sample code like LED control, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth control etc.

Not only providing a whole developing environment, Chili board provides a high-end hardware features including a NUC980DR ARM926EJ-S processor with 64 MB DRAM, 32MB SPI NOR Flash, 10/100 Ethernet MAC interface, USB 2.0 High Speed host/device connector, CAN bus, RS-485 and five GPIOs. Crypto engine supports RSA2048, AES256, ECC, SHA512 algorithm and a Pseudo Random Number Generator for communication security protection.

Chili board is a small system which can run Linux on it. Nuvoton provides a full development environment and high-end hardware features. To those who need operation system and internet applications, Chili board is a fast-developing and suitable platform for them.

Development Platform Features

  • 32-bit ARM926EJ-STM NUC980DR Microprocessor
  • Dimension: 50mm x 50mm
  • Support Webserver, NFS, Multiple drivers
  • 64 MB DRAM
  • 32 MB SPI NOR Flash
  • 10 / 100 Ethernet MAC x 1
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Host / Device x 1
  • USB Power and CDC Debug Port
  • CAN Bus x1
  • RS-485 x 1
  • Maximum 5 GPIOs
  • Hardware Crypto Engine:RSA2048, AES256, ECC, SHA512, PRNG




User Manual

VMware Linux Virtual machine image

VMware Linux Virtual machine image User Manual


NUC980 Linux V4.4 BSP (Update on Github)

NUC980 OpenWRT V17.01 (Linux V4.4) 

NUC980 Linux V5.10 BSP

NUC980 OpenWRT V22.03 (Linux V5.10) 


Allxon SaaS Application Note (Contact us)


Welcome to download the Nuvoton IoT resource reference file (https://www.nuvoton.com/iot_startup). The content includes rich information, such as development resource, quick-start examples, application tutorial videos, etc.



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*Ordering Number: NK-RTU980

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