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MA35D1 Series

The NuMicro® MA35D1 series is a heterogeneous multi-core microprocessor targeted to high-end edge IIoT gateway. It is based on dual 64-bit Arm® Cortex®-A35 cores with speed up to 800 MHz, and one 180 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core. Based on the high-performance cores, the MA35D1 series facilities the tiny AI/ML for edge computing.

The MA35D1 supports 16-bit DDR2 and DDR3/ DDR3L SDRAM. For an easy system design and manufacture, the MA35D1 series also offers LQFP and BGA packages stacked with the DDR2/DDR3L SDRAM and density up to 512 MB, which significantly reduces PCB layer, size and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The MA35D1 series is a trusted system for IoT products' security requirements. It includes several advanced security mechanisms such as Nuvoton Trusted Secure Island (TSI) an isolated secure hardware unit, TrustZone, secure boot, tamper-detection, built-in cryptographic accelerators, and a TRNG, as well as Key Store and OTP memory. All the security operations are performed in the TSI to protect sensitive and high-value data. The features also satisfy customers in IEC 62443 certification requirements.

For high-end edge IIoT gateway requirements, the MA35D1 series provides multiple advanced and high-speed connection interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, SDIO3.0, USB 2.0 HS, and CAN FD, for edge gateway and new energy applications.

For HMI applications, the MA35D1 series provides a LCD display controller with the resolution up to 1920x1080 at 60 FPS, a 2D graphic engine, a JPEG and a H.264 decoder integrated for better graphical HMI effects and video playback.


The NuMaker-HMI-MA35D1-S1 is an evaluation board for Nuvoton NuMicro MA35D1 series microprocessors, and consists of three parts: a NuMaker-SOM-MA35D16A81 SOM board, a NuMaker-BASE-MA35D1B1 base board and a 7” TFT-LCD daughter board. The SOM board integrates core components to simplify the system design, based on MA35D16A887C (BGA312 package, and stacking a 256 MB DDR), PMIC power solution, a 16 GB eMMC Flash, and two Gigabit Ethernet PHY. The NuMaker-HMI-MA35D1-S1 has rich peripherals such as 2 sets of Gigabit Ethernet, USB2.0 high-speed host and device, 2 sets of CAN FD, and SPI, I2C, UART, RS-485 serial communication ports for users to facilitate the evaluation in HMI and industrial control, home appliances, 2-wheel cluster, medical device, new energy applications, ML (Machine Learning) or your creative applications.

NuMaker-HMI-MA35D1-S1 Features

•  SoM (NuMaker-SOM-MA35D16A81)
  MA35D16A887C/ BGA312 package, stacking a 256MB DDR
  - PMIC power solution
  - eMMC Flash 16 GB
  - Gigabit Ethernet PHY x2
Base Board (NuMaker-BASE-MA35D1B1)
  - Gigabit Ethernet x2
  - USB2.0 HS Host x1, USB2.0 HS Host/Device x1
  - CAN FD x2
  - SD2.0 (Standard SD Slot) x1
  - UART x2, RS485 x2
  - ADC x8
  - Camera I/F x2
  - Audio codec with Mic, Headset Jack
TFT LCD Daughter Board
  - 7” TFT-LCD (1024x600) with 4-wire resistive touch
NuMicro® MA35D1 HMI EVB Integrated Demonstration
Getting Started with the NuMicro MA35D1 EVB


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*Ordering Number: NK-HMA35D1S1

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