Smart Home Audio(325)


The W83795ADG Hardware Monitor provides accurate voltage and temperature monitoring, patented SMART FAN™ I, II & IV fan control algorithms, advanced system protection mechanisms, and ASF2.0 remote manageability and ARP2.0 enhanced SMBus™device addressing support.

An internal 10-bit ADC monitors up to 18 voltage inputs and can also monitor Intel® VRM11.1 parallel VID inputs and AMD® Serial VID inputs. CPU temperature sensing is supported via both Intel® PECI Interfaces. The W83795ADG provides 4 Current Mode and 2 Voltage Mode remote temperature sensor inputs accurate to ±1℃.

By utilizing the patented SMART FAN™ I, II & IV algorithms, W83795ADG can monitor up to 14 fan speed inputs and controls up to 2 fan outputs (DC or PWM mode) . SMART FAN™ I supports both Thermal Cruise (constant temperature) and Speed Cruise (constant fan speed) modes; SMART FAN™ II supports stepped linear temperature/fan speed mapping with hysteresis; and SMART FAN™ IV supports multi-zoned linear temperature/fan speed mapping with hysteresis. In addition, W83795ADG also supports "many-to-many" fan management – a temperature source can affect the speed of multiple fans and multiple temperature sources can affect speed of a fan. These control modes allow designers to optimize a broad range of fan acoustic noise and temperature control tradeoffs and allow sophisticated fan management systems to be easily implemented.

Nuvoton recognizes the need for safety and reliability in workstation and server platforms and has designed the W83795ADG to include a wide array of system alert features including CPU over-temperature, SMI, OVT, BEEP, VOLTAGE_FAULT, FAN_FAULT, PROCHOT and CASEOPEN. It can store the system shut-down event caused by CPU THERMTRIP# assertion. ASF2.0 allows the host to remotely turn-on/off the system, monitor fan speeds, voltages, temperatures and chassis intrusion events in OS-absent conditions. Up to four SMBus™address configurations for W83795ADG are available for easy system interfacing. The programmable Watch Dog Timer is ideal for flexible system time-out detection/correction designs.



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