Smart Home Audio(325)


The KA49511A is a battery monitoring IC that measures up to 10 series connected battery cells with maximum supply voltage 45v.The KA49511A includes a built-in regulator necessary for the peripheral circuits and makes it easier for customers to build the control of cell balancing switch and charge and discharge. The KA49511A is suitable for battery system of e-bikes, UPS and power tools.


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Item Performance characteristics
Category Non Stackable
Package TQFP56L 10x10mm Body
Lead_Pitch 0.65mm
Number of Channels 10
Operating Voltage [Min] (V) 12.5
Operating Voltage [Max] (V) 45
Interface SPI
Voltage Accuracy (mV) ±10
Operating Temperature [Min] (°C) -40
Operating Temperature [Max] (°C) 105

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