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NOP912/NOP914 Series

The NOP912/NOP914 series operational (OP) amplifier is a 2.7~5.5V single-powered OP amplifier with low offset voltage and wide gain bandwidth devices. It is suitable for precision small signal and high speed signal conditioning, such as voltage or current sampling and sensor interfacing in industrial control.

The NOP912/NOP914 series is a chopper-stabilized amplifier which can minimize the offset voltage to 50 µV and temperature drift to 0.05 µV/°C. The NOP912/NOP914 series also provides wide gain bandwidth to 8 MHz, rail-to-rail input/output, and high slew rate to help users improve the precision of measurement.

The NOP912 series (Dual version) is offered in the SOIC-8 package. The NOP914 series (Quad version) is offered in the TSSOP-14 package. All versions are specified over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.

The above features make the NOP912/NOP914 series suitable for applications such as photodiode amplification, sensor interface, signal conditioning, and battery powered instrumentation.

Target application:

  • Photodiode amplification
  • Sensor interface
  • Battery powered instrumentation
  • Portable devices
  • Signal conditioning
  • Active filtering
  • Health care application

Key Features:

  • Low offset voltage:50 µV
  • Offset voltage temperature drift:0.05 µV/°C
  • Low noise : 140 nV/ √Hz
  • High Slew Rate : 6V/us
  • Gain bandwidth : 8 MHz
  • Low Supply Current :
    • NOP912(dual) : 2.5 mA
    • NOP914(quad) : 4 mA
  • Operation power supply : 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Rail to rail settle time : 1 µs
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 105°C
  • Package Types: SOIC8,TSSOP14
  • ESD internal protection : ± 4 KV,Latch-up ± 100 mA
  • EFT ± 4.4 KV
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