Focus on Technology

Nuvoton Foundry’s process technology currently offers 0.35um processes, including General logic, Mixed-signal, High voltage, Ultra high voltage, Power management, Mask ROM, Embedded logic Non-Volatile memory process and more.


Available Technologies

Process Technology Process
Logic / Mixed Mode 0.35um 3.3V / 5V Mixed Mode
0.45um 3.3V , 5V Mixed Mode
0.5um 3.3V , 5V Mixed Mode
Embedded Logic NVM 0.35um 3.3V , 5V Mixed Mode embedded NVM
Mask ROM 0.35um 3.3V / 5V Logic embedded 0.32um Flat Cell
0.5um 5V Logic embedded 0.37um Flat Cell
High Voltage / Power 0.35um 5V ~ 700V BCD Process
0.6um 5V / 12V / 16V / 20V CDMOS
5V / 18V / 30V / 40V Low-Vgs CDMOS
5V / 25V / 40V Dual-Vgs CDMOS
5V / 40V / UHV Modular Process

Technology Roadmap

In order to enhance our customers’ competitive edge, Nuvoton continues its evolution into power management with high voltage capability on our 0.35um process as we continue to optimize new high-voltage and power devices. To meet the requirements of customers in various fields, we also focus on process customization and have actively developed IGBT, Sensor and GaN SBD  processes. We listen closely to customer needs in order to give the best service possible.



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