Value-Added Services

Multi-Layer Mask (MLM), and Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) Services

Multi-Layer Mask (MLM) services are available for engineering lots on all processes. The MLM service configures images with multiple design layers using similar mask specifications on a single reticle. This service not only saves development cost, but provides tape-out flexibility allowing customers to tape-out products at any time without being dependent on pre-set prototyping schedules. MPW Service offers platforms that use multi-project wafers for prototyping which enables multiple customers to share mask tooling costs.

Customized Technology and Excellent Cycle Time

Nuvoton’s modular platform provides customers customized processes and quick Cycle Time of 0.8 Days/Layer for fast prototyping to help customers’ Time to Market in a fast changing world.

Embedded Non-Volatile Memory IP

Nuvoton recognizes that memory requirements vary by application. Specifically in a 0.35um process Nuvoton offers three versions of matching logic processes with embedded non-volatile memory (NVM). They are  (1) Yield Microelectronics Corporation’s (YMC) 3.3V MTP (Multi-Time-Programing) NVM IP; (2) eMemory’s 5V OTP (One -Time-Programing) NVM IP; (3) Nuvoton’s proprietary 5V Poly e-Fuse Trimming IP.

Complete Design Kits and Product Service Team

We provide the most accurate and complete Design Kits to customers for product design, while providing a full range of customer support services to help customers get to market quickly.

Process Vender Tool / Version
Design Rule & Sample Layout - Layout Design Rule Device sample layout
- ESD / Latch-Up Layout Design Rule ESD sample layout
SPICE Model - HSPICE BSIM3V3 (L49) (+macro)
- Spectre SPICE BSIM3V3 (L49) (+macro)
DRC Mentor Graphics Calibre
LVS Mentor Graphics Calibre
LPE Mentor Graphics Calibre
Cell Library - Standard Cell Library / IO Cell Library
SRAM - SRAM compiler (64 x 2 bits ~ 4K x 8 bits )
Mismatch Report - Mismatch report



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