About us

About Us

Nuvoton Foundry Service (previous Winbond FAB2: 6 inch fab) has a capacity of 45,000 wafers per month. As a semiconductor manufacturing foundry, our mission is to deliver excellent foundry capabilities as a manufacturing partner to fabless or fab-lite semiconductor companies. 

Nuvoton Foundry FAB offers a variety of technologies including Generic Logic, Mixed Signal (Mixed Mode), High Voltage, Ultra High Voltage, Power Management, Mask ROM (Flat Cell), embedded Logic Non-Volatile Memory, and customized processes (For Example: IGBT, MOSFET, Biochip, TVS, Sensor) etc. based on 0.35um to 1.0um technologies. 

In addition to its mature, stable, and customized processes, Nuvoton also provides long-term stable production capacity, high quality, and accurate delivery schedules. 

In addition, Nuvoton’s foundry has a process development team with more than 20 years of experience in Devices, Integration, Modules, ESD, and SPICE Modeling to meet your customized process needs. 

Nuvoton’s foundry also has a product service team to provide customers with complete IDM class service. We have an internationally certified laboratory (with ESD, EMMI, OBIRCH, FIB, SEM, and TEM electrical / physical analysis equipment) to ensure product reliability and certification requirements. 

Nuvoton has a wealth of resources and support services, and operates with a “More-Than-Foundry” thinking process. Nuvoton Foundry Service can meet market capacity demand and enable customers to achieve business goals. Nuvoton Foundry Service is your best foundry choice.

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