Virtual Reality (VR) Solution

The VR/ AR solution is based on Nuvoton KM86473D (MIPI converter IC) and NuMicro® M482 MCU to convert HDMI2.0 or DisplayPort 1.4 input to MIPI DSI output.

With Nuvoton’s solution, customers can achieve ultra-clear display (up to 5K & 120 Hz) and 6 DoF motion tracking (by Nuvoton AHRS algorithm) for a better VR experience.

  • LSI Features
    Hybrid support of HDMI2.0 & DP1.4 input (software configurable)
    4 MIPI DSI ports (16 lanes @ 2.5G)
    - HDCP 1.4 & 2.3 support (w/ key)
    - Super Resolution 4x zoom Up-scaler (e.g., FHD->4K)
  • Specifications
    - Mature & Market-Proven Solution
    - USB-C support with external CC controller
    6 DoF Motion Tracking
    Schematic/ layout provided for fast hardware design and PCB making
    Robust and simple MCU control SW (MCU: NuMicro® M482SIDAE)
    Full source code provided for customization
  • System Block Diagram
    Virtual Reality (VR) Solution_EN
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