TOF sensing solution

TOF sensing system calculates the distance to objects by measuring the flight time of pulsed NIR.

This system outputs NIR-2D and 3D depth images simultaneously with subtracted background illuminations.

By customer’s requirement, NTCJ supports customization of its depth range, frame rate, FOV, and wavelength.

  • Features
    TOF (Time-of-Flight) Sensors of  “Pulse-TOF System”, which contribute to mitigate motion blurs
    High robustness under sunlight /high temperature allows applications as recognition, detection, etc. both in the indoor & outdoor use cases
    - High-resolution TOF sensor can detect 3D shapes of objects as furniture, thin cables, etc. and human motion as gesture
  • Specifications
    19_Nuvoton-TOF sensing solution-1
  • System Block Diagram

We can provide both TOF sensor system and Camera solution

Various depth range of TOF evaluation kits for each use cases

19_Nuvoton-TOF sensing solution-2 19_Nuvoton-TOF sensing solution-3
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