HDMI2.1 4x2 Matrix Solution

The HDMI2.1 4x2 Matrix solution is based on Nuvoton KM864807 – HDMI2.1 LSI and M0 MCU to support port switching for 4 HDMI2.1 inputs to 2 HDMI2.1 outputs.

With Nuvoton’s solution, customers can develop an HDMI2.1 board for various applications (e.g., AVR, soundbar, matrix, switches, splitter) to support 8K video

  • LSI Features
    Video – 8K @ 60Hz/ 4K @ 120 Hz
    Dynamic HDR/ VRR/ ALLM
    - On-Screen Display (OSD)
    - Built-in eARC/ ARC receiver
    - Audio Extract/ Insert
    - Super Resolution Up-scaler
  • Specifications
    - Mature & Market-Proven Solution
    - HDMI2.1/ HDCP2.x compliance
    Highly compatible with market devices
    Schematic/ layout provided for fast hardware design and PCB making
    Robust and simple MCU control SW (MCU: NuMicro® M031SIAAE)
    Full source code provided for customization
  • System Block Diagram
    HDMI2.1 4x2 Matrix Solution-1     HDMI2.1 4x2 Matrix Solution-2
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