Color Display Wi-Fi Thermostat

The color thermostat with Wi-Fi connectivity is developed on the Nuvoton N9H MPU platform. It supports to get local weather from the Internet by USB Wi-Fi and remote monitor feature by VNC.

Nuvoton N9H MPU series is a complete HMI solution. The series with ARM926EJ-S core can operate up to 300 MHz and integrated JPEG codec, 2D graphic accelerator, and TFT LCD controller supporting resolution up to 1024x768 pixels and color depth up to 16 million colors (24-bit). So along with the ample hardware and computing ability, achieve smooth and gorgeous HMI applications.

  • Features
    Developing the GUI by Nuvoton emWin graphic library
    Internet connection by USB Wi-Fi
    - Support VNC remote monitor
    - 7” 800x480 TFT LCD
    - Resistive touch
  • Specifications
    N9H30 (32-bit Arm926EJ-S)
    - LQFP package build-in 64/128 MB DDR
    - Supports 24-bit RGB LCD Interface
    Supports resolution up to 1024 x 768
    Supports up 1024 * 768 resolution
    Integrated 2D graphic accelerator
    Linux OS
    - Integrated Hardware JPEG Codec
    - 10/100 Ethernet
    - USB High-Speed Host and Device
    - 10-set UART/ RS-485
  • System Block Diagram
    Color Display Wi-Fi Thermostat
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