Air Mouse

Most  Smart Control combines RF functionality and smartphone control in an affordable package. These Smart Control are  unique universal-remote system that makes it possible to control several devices . The ISD9160 smart  remote reference design  is remarkably light and thin, and operates via RF, rather than IR, so you don't need line-of-sight to your components. The ISD9160 Smart Control reference design, combines RF functionality and smartphone control in an affordable universal-remote package. The reference design also supports Skype/VOIP, where the remote control becomes the hand- set with audio volume control and support Microphone. The remote control is also used as air mouse with support for  ITG-3050 Gyro (3-axes); MMA-8451 (3-axes) G-sensor modules.

ISD9160 Smart remote specification:  

  • FCC/ETSI certificates
  • Low Power Consumption:
    • < 5uA @ Standby mode
    • 17mA @ Key-matrix operation mode
    • 30mA @ Mic operation mode
  • FHSS Hopping Channels: 164 channels
  • Operation: 8-meter
  • Audio Quality: 16-bit PCM @16KHz
  • Support Skype/ VOIP

The ISD9160 reference design’s unique Voice Activation/Recognition feature support function activation such as watch TV, Skype, Play X-Box, Watch a Movie , DVD, etc.. its designed for low power consumption and competitive BOM cost.


  AIr mouse


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