M2354 for RTOS + PSA TF-M

With more and more IoT applications created, it’s a big issue for security concerns with network-connected devices. It’s a trend that countries or regions will legislate to avoid IoT appliances become the vulnerability of future internet. Therefore the security with IoT design is no longer an option, while it’s not so easy for device manufacturers. We believe, from the bottom up the MCU or MPU is the core of a smart device so to build a root-of-trust with a MCU or MPU is the fundamental work to construct a secure IoT application environment.

  • What’s the Pain - MCU/MPU Security Needs Solution Not Just Crypto Hardware

 Cryptography is not easy to be understood

- Symmetric or Asymmetric

- Security level is moving to be upgraded 

- Fusion of hardware and software technology

• Silicon root-of-trust is the core of hardware security

- IoT Security MCU/MPU needed

- To build chain-of-trust for IoT

• Certification standards for regulations  

- Different security standards worldwide  

- Need to meet regulations of countries or regions

  • Features - M235x Series Support Multiple RTOSs – Save Efforts for Different RTOSs Porting

NuMaker Boards/ NK + Extension Boards

IP Connectivity Ready Support RTOS Support Cloud
Wi-FI NB-IoT 802.15.4 Thread + ZigBee

LoRa (890-915MHz/ 433~470MHz)

Mbed OS FreeRTOS RT-Thread

Arm Pelion Device Manager

Amazon AWS IoT

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

青蓮雲/ TinyTEE

Cortex-M23 NuMaker-PFM-M2351
 (w/ 802.15.4 module)
NuMaker-IoT-M2354 ●  ● 
  • System Block Diagram - M2354 IoT Security Platform With TF-M Meets Requirements of PSA Certified™ Level 3


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