Totem Pole PFC Reference Board

KM1M7AF sires integrates a high-performance CPU suitable for high-speed feedback control required for digital power supply control, a high-resolution PWM circuit, and various high-precision, high-speed analog circuits on a single chip.

This MCU is ideal for digital control of various power sources such as PFC and LLC.

  • Features
    High-speed arithmetic processing suitable for the features of SiC/ GaN
    High-performance and easy-to-use high-resolution PWM
    - Built-in high-precision analog reduces external parts
    - Noise resistant 5V single power supply operation
  • Specifications
    KM1M7AF Series
    - Arm Cortex-M7 core up to 160 MHz
    - Up to 512 KB Program Flash, Up to 64 KB Data RAM
    Three 12-bit SAR ADCs with Minimum conversion time 0.5 μs
    Power control PWM  12 units/24 ch (High resolution [208 ps]  9 units/18 ch )
    Operating voltage: 5V single power supply
  • System Block Diagram
    Totem Pole PFC Reference Board
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