Thermostat with Touch Key

The NuMicro® ML56 series includes rich peripherals to realize thermostat function with touch key. The thermostat reference design provides touch user interface, LCD display showing temperature and time information, and environmental temperature sensing.

  • Features
    Saves BOM cost and simplifies PCB layout
      - Three-in-one MCU: system control, LCD display control, and touch key control 
    - Touch key controller
    - Embedded 13 touch keys
      - Build with PCB and ITO material 
    - LCD controller
      - Supports 9 cm x 6 cm HTN LCD 
      - Embedded programmable internal charge pump circuit that can provides stable VLCD regardless of the voltage change of VDD
  • Specifications
    ML56 (8-bit, 1T 8051)
    - Touch key controller
      - IEC 61000-4-6 10 Vrms
      - 2 mm waterproof
      - High touch sensitivity and high-noise immunity
    LCD controller
      - Charge pump voltage range is from 2.8 V to 5.4 V
      - Low power consumption
  • System Block Diagram
    Thermostat utilizing Touch Key-EN
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