Smart Water Meter

This solution uses the software-driven CMOS sensor, the image frame number can be up to 30 FPS, and the information can be transmitted to the cloud through Wi-Fi or NB-IoT to realize the remote meter reading function.

Wireless camera module plus image recognition technology

The existing traditional water meter is equipped with a CMOS camera ( with a wireless transmission module ), and the cost of the water meter is photographed regularly. After the number is recognized by the image recognition technology, the wireless module is used to transmit the information.

NuMicro M480 Development Platform

Nuvoton Technology provides the NuMicro M482 series development platform based on Cortex-M4 core, which uses GPIO to emulate CMOS interface to receive images ( image resolution 320 x 240 ), and quickly complete image recognition operation through core speed up to 192 MHz and DSP hardware accelerator. The numbers are transmitted using wireless transparent transmission modules ( such as Wifi, 2G / 4G, NB-IoT and other wireless transmission protocols ).

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