Power Measurement

Power measurement is composed of NuMicro® M258 microcontroller and NADC24 analog-to-digital converter. NADC24 is a high-precision 24-bit ΔΣ analog-to-digital converter (ADC). It specializes in acquiring voltage or current signals, configuring data output rates at 96K, and setting an internal reference voltage of 1.2V, ensuring comprehensive and steady waveform data acquisition. The M258 retrieves converted data from the NADC24 using the SPI interface. After performing the necessary calculations, the measurement data can be sent to the computer for output.

  • Features
    Built-in Calculations:
    - Line Frequency
    - Power Factor 
    - True RMS Voltage , RMS Current 
      - Active, Reactive, Apparent Power 
  • Specifications
    NADC24 (24-bit ΔΣ ADC)
    - PGA Gain: 1 to 128 
    Data Rates: From 1.25 SPS to 96k SPS
    - 10 SPS data rate with 22-bit ENOB
    - Up to 4 external differential channels
    - Up to 8 external single ended channels
    - Internal Reference Voltage Generator (1.2V /2.4 V) 
    - Internal Temperature Sensor : ±2℃
    - Low power consumption : 1.38mA 
    - SPI-Compatible Interface
  • System Block Diagram

7_Nuvoton-Power Measurement

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