New Energy Gateway

The NUC980 New Energy Management Gateway is an application developed using "NuMaker-IIoT-NUC980G2D". It utilizes the Linux OS/OpenWrt platform, which is suitable for developing various networking protocols, and integrates SEGGER's powerful graphics library (emWin).

The NUC980 platform can quickly complete the development of new energy products such as energy monitoring gateway, EV charging solution, PDU(Power Distribution Unit), etc.

  • Features
    Linux OS/OpenWrt + Graphics library (emWin)
    Supports various networking protocols including MQTT, COAP, HTTPD, and HTTPS
    Ethernet or Wi-Fi/4G connectivity to the cloud
    OTA (Over-the-Air) firmware upgrades
    - Secure data transmission – TLS 1.2/1.3 (OpenSSL)
    - PCB solution requires only 2 to 4 layers of PCB
  • Specifications
    NUC980 Series
    - LQFP package with built-in 64/128 MB DDR
    - SPI NOR/NAND/eMMC/SD/USB boot options
    Up to 2 sets of 10/100 Ethernet interfaces
    - Up to 2 sets of high-speed USB hosts
    - Up to 10 sets of UART/RS485 interfaces
    - Up to 4 sets of CAN Bus interfaces 
  • System Block Diagram

 9_Nuvoton-NUC980 New Energy Gateway

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