Motor Driver (MTD)

Nuvoton motor driver IC incorporates APC (Auto Phase Control) technology to correct the phase delay by detecting motor current automatically. With APC, there is no need for adjustment of phase. As a result, it helps to eliminate phase delay due to motor variation or deterioration and therefore realizes high efficiency, reliability, and safety motor system. Products with APC technology include KA44168A, KA44169A, KA44169AB, KA44170A, and KA44143A.

  • Features
    Auto phase shift correction with built-in Soft Switching function
    Wide range operation (12V/ 24V)
    - Speed Control
    - Motor lock protection and built-in Auto-recovery
    - Output pin for FG pulse
    - Various protection functions
  • Product Benefits
    - Easy Motor Driver system design
    - High efficiency and safety design
    Common PCB design
    Reduces efficiency deterioration due to aging and motor variation
    Longer motor lifespan
  • System Block Diagram
    Motor Driver
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