Industrial Battery Monitoring IC

Wide range of battery cell abnormalities and BMS failures can be detect by Nuvoton Battery Monitoring ICs ( BM-ICs ) that include diagnosis and safety functions.

High precision voltage measurement error help to extend the battery duration.

Measuring up to 22 connected battery cells in series and BMS can be configured with smaller number of components for a high-voltage battery system with many battery cells connected in series, contributing to the miniaturization of the battery module.

  • Features
    Applications : ESS, e-scooter, AGV
    Equipped with functions required for battery management system
  • Specifications
    Battery monitoring IC (KA49517A/522A)
    - Voltage measurement accuracy (mV): ±5.0
    - 16 bits high/low speed current measurement
    NuMicro® M483 CAN MCU
    Up to 192 MHz operating frequency
    - Low voltage operation (1.8V to 3.6V) 
  • System Block Diagram


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