High Voltage Fan Driver

This example is for fan that we developed base on NM1817. NM1817 is composed of M0 and a 600V gate driver. There is built-in comparator and 5V LDO, which can help users save PCB space and cost. Besides, various peripheral function can be easily expanded with the microcontroller . Based on the example, users can complete project more quickly.

  • Features
    155V/0.5A/75W fan driver based on NM1817.
    Supports for Direct input/VSP.
    Supports analog signal detection.
    Supports phase shift.
    Current limit/Block/Over voltage protection.
  • Specifications
    NM1817 (32-bit MCU, Cortex-M0)
    - 600V gate driver
    - Package : LQFP44
    48 MHz operating frequency
    29.5 KB Flash/4 KB SRAM
    - Operating temperature: -40℃ to 105℃
    - Built-in 5V LDO/comparator
    - Shoot-through protection
    - UVLO
  • System Block Diagram
High Voltage Fan Driver-1 High Voltage Fan Driver-2

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