Face Recognition

This solution provides a higher level of security. It supports 3D face recognition by supporting dual CMOS cameras and TFT LCD display devices. It can also transfer all attendance data to the background for recording through Ethernet.

The N329 series integrates the necessary functions Face Recognition requires such as two CMOS sensor interfaces, Ethernet MAC, HS USB, 2 UARTs and LCD interface. The N329 series features high performance and low cost 32-bit ARM® ARM9EJ-S core running up to 200 MHz ~300 MHz, and 8 MB ~ 64 MB DDR memory that can help the user to easily pass EMI and EMC verification in 2~4 layers PCB. All the functions for the Face Recognition are integrated in one chip to save BOM cost. Based on the above features, the N329 series is a cost-effective solution for Face Recognition applications.


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