Elevator Control System 

The solution includes six top-level control systems for elevators, call panels on all floors, floor button on the ladder, access control inside the ladder, information display panel in the ladder, and emergency communication system for elevators. Nuvoton products are suitable for this application.


  • Elevator top control system: combined with elevator control and motor drive, using NuMicro M487 microcontroller
  • Calling panel for each floor: Adopting the NuMicro NUC131 microcontroller
  • Inside floor key pad: Adopting the NuMicro NUC131 microcontroller
  • In-situ information display panel: using NuMicro N329 microprocessor
  • Intra-floor access control: using NuMicro M483 microcontroller
  • Elevator emergency communication system ( five-party intercom ): Adopting the NuMiro M481 microcontroller
  • Elevator door anti-trap system: using NuMicro M483 microcontroller

NuMicro M481, M483, M487 microcontroller support

  1. 192 MHz system frequency, 512 KB Flash / 64 KB SRAM
  2. 192 MHz 24-ch PWM control / Up to 11-ch UART
  3. 12-bit, 16-ch 5 MSPS ADC
  4. Full duplex I²S, 192 kHz / 32-bit
  5. 2x QEI
  6. 2x CAN Bus 2.0B ( M483 / M487 )
  7. 10 / 100 Mbps Ethernet ( M487 )
  8. 1.8V – 3.6V

NuMicro NUC131 microcontroller support

  1. 50 MHz system frequency, 64 KB Flash / 8 KB SRAM
  2. 50 MHz 24-ch PWM control / Up to 6-ch UART
  3. 12-bit, 8-ch 1 MSPS ADC
  4. 1x CAN Bus 2.0B
  5. 2.5V – 5.5V

NuMicro N3292 microprocessor support

  1. 300 MHz system frequency
  2. Support multiple image format decoders, including flash, MPEF4, H.264, H.263 format
  3. Built-in DDR Memory up to 64 MB
  4. Built-in OpenVG hardware accelerator
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