Electricity Meter

This solution includes energy measurement chip, LCD display, real-time clock, data storage, prepaid card, infrared meter reading, automatic remote meter reading through RS-485, PLC power line carrier communication, 470 MHz wireless communication, strong anti-interference ability and optimal Advantages such as reliability.

The Nano110 series provides high performance and low-cost ultra-low-power 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0 core, runs up to 42 MHz, and supports 32-bit hardware multiplier, Low operating voltage 1.8V to 3.6V, Ultra-low power operating mode (<200uA/MHz), Power-down mode (RTC+LCD On, RAM retention <10 uA and RTC, RAM retention < 2.5 uA), Deep Power-down mode, RAM retention (< 1 uA), Flash ROM up to 128 KB and RAM up to 16 KB, High integrated RTC, LCD, 12-bit ADC, 2 MSPS conversion rate, internal RC 12MHz OSC, and ISO7816-3 interface for smart card to reduce system BOM cost, rich peripheral I²Cx2 ,SPIx3, UARTx5, input I/O 5V tolerance, Anti-theft lock code bit, 96-bit Unique ID and 128-bit Unique customer ID, and strong anti anti-jamming ability (ESD 8kV, EFT 4kV).

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