Card Reader

The Nano120 series used in this solution passes the EMV 2000 and China PBOC3.0 of Level 1 contact authentication and is used in the USB transfer payment card reader. It has an ISO7816-3x3 smart card interface, tamper-proof detection pin, and anti-theft copy code bit. Meta-function, 96-bit UID chip unique code, 128-bit UCID customer unique code, strong anti-interference ability (8kV ESD, EFT 4kV) and other features.

The Nano120 series provides high performance and low cost ultra-low power 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M0 core, runs up to 42 MHz, and supports 32-bit hardware multiplier, Low operating voltage 1.8V to 3.6V, Ultra-low power operating mode (< 200uA/MHz), Power-down mode (RTC, RAM retention< 2.5uA), Deep Power-down mode, RAM retention (< 1uA), Flash ROM up to 128 KB and RAM up to 16 KB, high integrated RTC,  12-bit ADC, 2 MSPS conversion rate, internal RC 12 MHz OSC, and USB2.0 to reduce system BOM cost, rich peripheral I²Cx2 , SPIx3, UARTx5,ISO7816-3x3, Tamper detection ,Anti-theft lock code bit, 96-bit Unique ID and 128-bit Unique customer ID, and strong anti-jamming ability (ESD 8kV, EFT 4kV).



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