Battery Management System

The 4th generation of battery monitoring chipset consists of a battery monitoring IC that accurately measures the voltage and temperature of battery cells, a new line of pack monitoring ICs that precisely measures a battery pack’s current and monitors its internal control, and a communication IC that serves as an interface with the ICs above and a microcontroller.

  • Features
    One IC manages up to 25 battery cells in series, simplifying an automotive battery system
    Redundancy measurement system and daisy-chain communication make it easier to develop and design a BMS in accordance with ASIL-D of ISO26262
    - Continuous battery monitoring is available in car-parking or microcontroller-in-sleep state to start your system when abnormalities detected 
    - Synchronized current and voltage measurement within 10us improves calculation accuracy of internal impedance in battery cells, resulting in high-accuracy estimation of SOC*1 and SOH*2 
    • Specifications
    • System Block Diagram
    Battery Monitoring IC: BM-IC
    Part number:  KA84950UA
    Maximum connectable cells:  25 cells
    Voltage measurement accuracy:  +/- 1.5 mV
    Package: QFP-100 pin
    Pack Monitoring IC: PM-IC
    Part number:  KA84917UA
    Current measurement accuracy:  +/- 0.3 %
    General-purpose input output:  12 pcs
    Package: QFP-48 pin
    Pack Monitoring IC: PM-IC
    Part number:  KA84922UA
    Transmission speed (SPI): 4 Mbps
    Package: SOP-24 pin
    21-Nuvoton-New Series Automotive Battery Monitoring Chipset
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