ARGB Fan Driver

This is a ARGB fan controller demo develop on NM18402Y, and this MCP is NuMotor  series product, it package NM1244 MCU and NCT3620 gate driver in MCP. Gate driver output to full-bridge circuit. Used ECAP receive position detection sensors signal, and SPI connection ARGB light frame, to control  fan and light frame at the same time.

ARGB fan needs high air volume and low noise specifications, this control  algorithm build-in sine wave and phase tuning, make low to high speed could hold the best feature, inherit NUVOTON light control technical, build-in 8 modes of light(single color-rainbow-breathing-flashing-cycling-lighting-marquee-stack)

This solution control two complicated algorithm inside to one chip. Make designer quickly to build-in.

  • Feature
    Sine Wave Control Phase Tuning Protection
    - Low/High voltage protection
    - Over current protection
      - Short circuit protection
      - Over temperature protection  
    8 modes of light 
    Support PWM pulse input 
  • Specifications
    NM18402Y  (32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0)
    - Frequency up to 60 MHz
    - 64 KB Flash、8 KB SRAM
    Voltage:6V to 28V
    - Temperature:-40゚C to 105゚C
    - Package:QFN32
  • System Block Diagram
16_Nuvoton-ARGB Fan Driver-1 16_Nuvoton-ARGB Fan Driver-2
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