Smart battery management system

The solution is an electronic device capable of monitoring and managing the battery, using an intelligent protection board based on the microcontroller, which has the advantages of convenient parameter adjustment, high flexibility, and better functional design.

The number of batteries for CPB usually does not exceed 20; the protection board can be categorized as pure hardware or MCU-based smart lithium battery protection boards. Compared to pure hardware, the adjustment of MCU-based smart protection board parameters is easier, more flexible, and has better function designs to satisfy customer needs. The composition of the conventional smart battery protection board is as shown in the figure below:


As for the diversified needs of CPB, Nuvoton’s high-performance NuMicro MCU provides:

  1. 5V working voltage is supported for the I/O, and expanded selection range of peripheral analog devices to effectively lower cost for the customers
  2. multi-channel high-speed 12-bit ADC to respond to instant voltages, currents and temperatures changes of each battery, so that processing can be performed in real-time to prevent overcharging, over-discharge and over-temperature of batteries
  3. there are rich communication ports on-board including UART, IIC, SPI, and CAN, able to satisfy communication needs such as simulating front-end IC with peripherals, host computer and chargers simultaneously
  4. super low-power standby and operations, able to effectively reduce the power consumption of the system and extend battery operating time
  5. -40℃ to 85℃ / 105℃ operating range can effectively ensure the stability and reliability of system operations
  6. provides several packaging and Flash sizes to give you more choices

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